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Stefan Hilterhaus – Ruhrgestalten
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Stefan Hilterhaus

By März 28, 2017 No Comments
PACT Zollverein
Bullmannaue 20a – D-45327 Essen


How would you introduce PACT Zollverein to someone who isn’t aware of you or your house?

SH: PACT Zollverein is a developmental working and presentation space for performance, dance, theater, media and visual art operating at the interface between science, technology and society. Alongside delivering a wide-ranging program of performances and public events, PACT’s work is firmly rooted in it’s well-known residency program and ongoing engagement with diverse forms of knowledge transfer. Within the scope of advanced research and development activities, PACT establishes ongoing project series and opens up spaces where society and our urban surroundings interlink with the world and the arts.


PACT Zollverein 2030: what is your vision as artistic director?

SH: My vision for 2030 starts today: we are working everyday to keep up the specific dynamic atmosphere that makes PACT so unique. We’d like to keep working and deepening our activities to make the former pithead bath on Zollverein a place where all areas of activity are closely linked and mutually enriching – where lively and fruitful encounters not only happen between artists from different disciplines but where artists and audiences alike can also meet and exchange with scientists, social workers, historians, journalists or urban activists.


PACT is a stage, platform and artist center: tell us why your residence program is called the “heartbeat“ of PACT?

SH: Throughout the year every artist or group of artists that inhabit PACT for a certain amount of time brings with them a certain change in rhythm, perspective, relevant questions and focus. If you’re open to these shifts, which we are, this influx is a major driving force and ongoing inspiration for our daily work.


Which new or already invited artists would you like to bring (back) to Essen and why?

SH: We will always be interested in newcomers as well as well-known artists who have the sensibility to bring together different disciplines or different working fields, who go beyond boundaries and conventions, who are interested in new collectivities, in reinvention, in questioning, who can outline and transmit intensive multi-faceted states of being on and beyond the stage.

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