The greenest of cities

On first sight Essen looks so grey, industrial and just the way one would imagine a typical city in this area. But actually it is the 3rd greenest city in this country. One reason is Grugapark where you definitely want to hang out at in the summer. The city is quite well known for the movie theaters around town. Lichtburg in the heart of Essen is the most spectacular one, being a historic cinema and the biggest with 1250 seats in Germany. Then there are four repertory movie theaters breathing the classic era of cinema: Astra, Eulenspiegel, Filmstudio Glückauf and Galerie Cinema. A must for fans of the movies. Essen also has the largest Multiplex Cinema, a Cinemaxx with 16 theaters and 5550 seats. If you are a shopping nerd and love super crowded places where you can spend your money, then Limbecker Platz is your place to be. It is Germany’s largest inner city mall. Of course you will be able to experience some industrial sites turned into museums of former glory: Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and offers a bunch of very different activities that take place there. It’s architecture attracts 1.5 million guests every year. Another top destination is Folkwang Museum with one of the most important art collections in the area and a new building finalized in 2010 when Essen was European Capital of Culture representing the whole Ruhr area. Get some fresh air and visit Baldeneyesee, an artificial lake, perfect for some recreation and leisure time. On your way there step into the Old Town of Werden and check out how the housing in Essen’s old borough makes you feel a bit like in Grimm’s Fairy Tales.



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WELCOME TO ESSEN’S OUTDOOR LIVING ROOM Let’s be honest: to call the “Isenbergplatz“ a quarter might be a bit exaggerated. In fact it is more like the part of a...

Stefan Hilterhaus

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Adress PACT Zollverein Bullmannaue 20a - D-45327 Essen   Zur Website How would you introduce PACT Zollverein to someone who isn’t aware of you or your house? SH: PACT Zollverein is a...

Kai Suffa

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NO HALF-ASS SHIT, JUST TO KEEP THE MACHINE RUNNING Goethebunker was already established when Kai moved in with his party Flatfield. Casio, formerly running the Goethebunker, needed an event for...


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»Watch out!« It might be art! If you choose to interrupt your evening stroll on the big Kettwiger Straße, the main shopping street in Essen, and you decide to take...


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This wine bar has everything it needs, To fool you: Wine, wife and singing. Open: Monday – Saturday, from 17:00 Brigittastraße 12 45130 Essen Not far from the Rüttenscheider...