The hidden capital

Bochum is in the top 20 of Germany’s biggest cities, so there is plenty to see. For example Deutsches Bergbau-Museum, the biggest exhibition on coalmining in the world. One spot everybody visits is the Bermuda3Eck, a strip of clubs, restaurants and bars, packed on weekends. Close by the main station is Fiege Brewery. You can take a tour through the brewery and see for yourself how the beer is filled into the typical clip-lock bottles. In the summer the Fiege Open Air Cinema is held in the courtyard of the brewery. Watch the latest movies on a big screen and buy the beer directly from the source. Being the sponsor of VFL Bochum, the beer can also be enjoyed in the Vonovia Ruhrstadion during a football match. If you are not into sports, but more of a Sheldon-Cooper-type, visit the Railway Museum in Bochum-Dahlhausen,where locomotives from the steam-engine era are exhibited. If that is not enough trains for you, go see Starlight Express, the musical which has been performed continuously since 1988 in Bochum. For the scientists and space-fans, there is the Zeiss Planetarium, awaiting you with many astronomy shows. Art Museum Bochum is located near the city park and shows selected exhibitions on contemporary art. Walk through the city park and find the Zoo. Since it is not that big you might spend only half a day in there while your kids will love the animals and the newly built playground. If you have no kids, because you are young and you want to party, make sure you don’t miss out on the illegal Off-location raves. You will only get to know about it by word-of-mouth, so be sure to connect with the right people in the right clubs.



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THE INTELLECTUAL LONG RUNNER The “Ehrenfeld” is one of the all-time favorites for spending some exquisite quality-time. Once an undeveloped landscape of woods and grassland in the city region of...

Johan Simons

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At the moment you are the director of Ruhrtriennale. Mid-August, your last season starts. What are your priorities for your 2017 program? JS: We will focus on ideas of a...

Cafe Safran

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THOSE WHO GO TO MOHAMMED SHOULD HAVE TIME BUT ARE REWARDED WITH MAMA’S CUISINE. Mohammed Tarighat Monfared Kronenstraße 31 44789 Bochum Tel. +49 (0)234 9766652   Call before you come....

Badalona Bar

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On the edge of 
bermuda3eck one can find a 
rare little Pott pearl Open: Monday – Saturday, from 17:00 Brüderstraße 2 - 44787 Bochum I see trees of green,...

The Anneliese Brost Musikforum

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»The long road« An affair of the heart Anneliese Brost Musikforum Ruhr Marienplatz 1 44787 Bochum +49 234 9108622 Imagine an internationally renowned symphony orchestra being homeless and...