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Ehrenfeld – Ruhrgestalten
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The “Ehrenfeld” is one of the all-time favorites for spending some exquisite quality-time.

Once an undeveloped landscape of woods and grassland in the city region of Bochum, the rise of this quarter used to begin with the foundation of the variety theater “Orpheum” in 1907 and the planned development of the surrounding area. Although the history of the theater is long and full of twists and turns (it had to be restructured and rebuilt several times) it is fair to say that at least since the 1920s it has become one of the most important institutions of the theater scene in Germany. So it might not be too surprising that the home quarter of this institution has always been a playground for interesting creative people and an experimental space. If one runs into a person famous in Germany, they shouldn’t get too excited. Since Bochum also houses one of the biggest German universities with over 54,000 students from 150 different countries, there has always been room for cultural diversity and innovative impulses. Well, all of that could sound like a very bohemian and elitist place, but in reality it isn’t. “Ehrenfeld” just combines an alternative and energetic vibe with the familiar atmosphere of the average neighborhood. Because people actually live there, you will find a mixture of shops and institutions that are just part of the everyday life as well as places where you can find really special items and experiences. Titles like “Best of the West” or the inclusion into the list of creative quarters in the Ruhr area in 2010 as a marketing measure for the region might bring some profit for all parties concerned, but such an official labeling of a quarter always comes with unwanted side-effects. Recently the rents have increased to a level that students and small start-ups can hardly afford to settle there. But the remaining residents are eager enough to keep the charming atmosphere and the independent spirit of “Ehrenfeld” alive. In the end only time will tell …

I am Love
Currently one of the hottest addresses for ice cream in the Ruhr area. The focus lies on qualitative and regional ingredients. Prices vary according to the flavour – from classical vanilla to “Teheran” including rose oil and saffron. 

Looking for a special little gift or unusual home accessories? Barbara’s and Anke’s shop should be the right place to find it. Young designers get the opportunity to present their collections and you get the chance to buy something rare.

kunstraum unten
Hidden in the metro-station of the theater, this gallery was founded as an off-space for young artists. Since there is no profit-oriented thinking involved, the place offers deep insights on artistic working methods and different art forms.

Because this bar is a registered DIY-association, all members enjoy equal rights to decide about the public readings, concerts and film screenings that take place. Check out what’s on display or just enjoy yourself with a drink.

The name says it all: Pizza! That is what you’ll get in this modern little restaurant. And since people instantly get addicted to the crispy crust and the exquisite toppings, it might be one of the best pizzas in town.


Butterbrot Bar
Since 2011 owner Maren Meyer is successful with “Butterbrote” (sand­wiches), that range from rustic to exotic, served in a very familiar atmosphere. The lunch dishes are also highly recommended and well-priced.

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