Badalona Bar

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On the edge of 
one can find a 
rare little Pott pearl

Monday – Saturday, from 17:00
Brüderstraße 2 – 44787 Bochum

I see trees of green, red roses too. I see them bloom… Too early? Probably. But we’ve had enough of christmas geese, Lebkuchen and eggnog.

At the entrance of the Bermuda3eck some illuminated letters catch our eyes. Badalona – that sounds like the promise of summer and sun! And indeed with its vibrant atmosphere Jens’ bar turns out to be the perfect place to rouse us from hibernation.

With its interesting marquetry the bar stands out as a real piece of art. Seats close to that bar offer us a great view over the passing flâneurs, bon vivants and night owls. We watch the interplay of fire, steam and focused craft of cooking in the open kitchen. The delicious scent of authentic tapas, burgers and changing specials, like swordfish or giant prawns, seductively laps around us.

Bathed in the light of a mirror ball and satisfied with Belgian beer and cava, there is only one question left: Should we go dancing?