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This wine bar has everything it needs,
To fool you: Wine, wife and singing.

Monday – Saturday, from 17:00
Brigittastraße 12 45130 Essen

Not far from the Rüttenscheider Stern, we walk hand-in-hand along the streets, make nonsense, laughing out loud, so we can be seen. At the corner of Anna-Brigitta Street we stop at a small restaurant with large windows. From inside we hear music, easy and jazzy. Some people sit on benches and chairs in front of the shop. Inside, nearly 20 people will find space. Today, the event BOOGIE AU BISTRO takes place once a month. Over the evening, the audience does not change noticeably. The temporary look is inviting with a great offer from wine to dessert, as one would like to escape this special atmosphere of the LE FOU, why also? The guests are mixed and communicative. The FOU in LE FOU stands not only for the first names of the founders Falk, Olaf and Ursus, but is in French the *Clown and patron saint of the premises. Smart, the three have completed the conversion from a corner kiosk to a wine bar 2015 together. Enjoy!